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Recipe Binder: A Home Baker's Essential Too

As a home baking business owner, keeping your recipes organized is essential. Pulling out your phone every time you go to bake is not the way to go. A recipe binder is a fantastic tool that can help make the baking process so much smoother.


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All of the recipes I use in my baking business come from Pinterest. Here are some of my favorite ones! One of my biggest fears used to be blogs deleting their recipe, pins getting deleted, links changing! So scary I know!! The thought of no longer having access to my favorite recipes was terrifying. 

I also ran into the problem of keeping my phone open to the recipe. Ads pop up, the link closes, wanting to watch a video, and then having to go back and forth. My first-world problems were absolutely real. 

Then I created a recipe binder and that fixed everything! 

Kind of binder: 

I chose just a simple 1-inch binder and keep it in my kitchen cabinet. 

Organize your binder: 

Print out all of the recipes and make sure to put them in plastic sleeves. Very important step, put them in plastic sleeves!!! With baking it is so easy to make a mess. Having them in plastic sleeves ensures you can clean them easily and make them last. 

You can use dividers or tabs to be able to ensure your able to find them easily.

Add Additional Information:

In addition to the recipes themselves, you may want to include additional information in your binder, such as:

  • Notes: You can use notes to jot down any additional information about a recipe, such as cooking tips, substitutions, or personal preferences. 

  • Baking Tips: You can also include general baking tips and tricks in your binder. This can be helpful when trying to remember what you did the last time. For example, every oven is a little different. You might find the baking time is different from what the recipe says. 

Keeping a recipe binder is such a simple but valuable tool to implement in your home baking business. Make sure to check out my other posts on how to start and grow your home baking business.

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