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Where to sell cakes from a home baking business!

Starting a home baking business it can be scary! The first thought you might have is who will even buy from me?! I can only do so many orders for friends and family, how do I get strangers to start ordering from me? Where you sell your cakes is critical to a booked calendar in those beginning months. One of the top two questions I get is how do I get more orders. My follow-up question is always how many platforms are you on? The answer is usually just Instagram.

That’s where the problem lies.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!! Here are the sales platforms that I love for any home baking business.


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What are the best platforms to sell cakes from home?

I have talked about Thumbtack at great length here. So if you want the full rundown make sure to read this next.

Thumbtack is a great way to get qualified leads without constant promotion. I love that!!

On Thumbtack you can really narrow down the type of leads that you will be receiving, whether that is by budget, type of frosting, distance, and of course your calendar and more. Having all of these filters allows for you to only be sent the most qualified leads. There is no need to go through all the pricing just to realize you are not available on that date. Saving you time to focus on your business.

2. Yelp

Yelp is used constantly by people searching for businesses like you in your area. Yelp is not only great for brick-and-mortar businesses but for collecting leads for your home business as well.

It is amazing because it brings in LOCAL customers to you. And the reviews are invaluable! Getting reviews gives social proof to your business. You are able to showcase those reviews on all other platforms as well strengthening your business as a whole.

3. Instagram

Instagram isn’t my favorite for many reasons but it does help you get those first few orders in. The best thing to do on Instagram is to make connections! Check out this blog next to see all the connections you should be making on Instagram to grow your home-baking business

4. Your own website

Your website acts as a central hub for all of these platforms to lead to. I love that you are able to collect emails to ensure your client base knows about any upcoming deals or launches you might be having.

A website is helpful because you can have all your most needed info, menu, flavor list, care instructions, what to know before ordering, and FAQs displayed to reduce the back and forth in the order process.

Other great reasons to have a website are:

  • People can order directly from your website

  • Get found on Google

  • Showcase your favorite products

  • Build credibility and trust

When starting a home baking business make sure to get on all of these 4 platforms. Being on multiple platforms allows you to get more eyes on your business leading to more money in your wallet!! Have you tried any of these platforms? What is your favorite?

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