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Kwincy Smith,
Home Baker, Business Coach, Mom of 3, Cheese lover 

Helping you bake your dreams happen 

Hi there! My name is Kwincy and in 2020 I went from baking from a box to baking wedding cakes from scratch in my own business!!

I started out probably exactly where you are!

I was a stay at home mom of 3 small children, looking for a way to bring in money for my family. It felt like I had tried everything and nothing was working for me.

Until I finally decided to follow my passion.


And doing so I was able to make 5K a month in just 4 months!!!

I had tried everything to make money while still being there for my family. But with each thing I tried, I found that I either was not passionate about it or it didn’t allow me the time with my family that I wanted. 


I always dreamed of having a bakery but NEVER thought it would be a reality!!!! 


Soon my husband started to get lots of questions about the desserts he would post.


So I decided to get started my own baking business. 


With no experience!! 


I searched the internet for every piece of information I could find on starting a baking business. Days and days of endless research!


I learned how to launch a baking biz the RIGHT way - with very little time and money, and with income coming in QUICKLY!

I went from baking from a box one month to baking from scratch the next and in 3 months booking weddings, in 4 months making 5k+ a month!

So I started Baking Business Bootcamp! 


This coaching program goes over my exact baking business strategy and what skyrocketed my baking hobby into a business.


Learn everything from my business setup, to what I swear by for landing wedding clients, to the exact formula for creating a smooth ordering process to ensure your clients come back for more. 


It's the exact course I wish I had when I started my business. A baking business is SO MUCH MORE THAN BAKING... this teaches you the super important business strategies that will give you the foundation for your business to earn money and make it a business that your clients want to constantly come to.


I want to make sure that I give my Baking Business Bootcampers the best chance of success possible. So I decided to make my course a la carte. I made it practical and doable to get your baking business going and make it profitable! I made it so that everyone can take action where they need it the most! 


Check out the programs I offer and make your goals happen!


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