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The #1 place to sell cakes from home

When starting a home baking business one of the first concerns can be how do I start getting orders. While Instagram can be a great place to grow your business it does take time to build a following of local clientele. You also need to stay active to stay in people's minds so that they think of you when they need a cake. My #1 recommendation for selling cakes from home takes care of all of these problems.


This post contains an affiliate link. This link gives you a discount and gives me credit as well. This link is one that is available to all users of Thumbtack.


What is the #1 place to sell cakes from home?

Why is Thumbtack the best place to sell your cakes from home?

It is proactive

My favorite part of Thumbtack is that it brings your customers to you. Unlike Instagram, Thumbtack does all the work to find your next customer all you have to do is set up an account and reply to the leads that come in. It allows you the time to spend baking and with family, not worried about what the newest reel trend is. Customers come to you instead of you trying to constantly market yourself so that followers remember you.

Qualified leads

You are able to set up your own qualifications for the type of leads you want to receive. Like, how much the order will cost, the travel radius, flavors, types of desserts etc. Having Thumbtack vet the leads for you saves you time from talking to people that are not your customer.


When someone does order with you, you can take payment directly through Thumbtack and block off the dates to make sure you are not getting leads for dates you are booked for.

You do not need to be constantly on the app

I absolutely love that you do not need to spend countless hours on the app. You do not need to create constant content. You do not need to worry about an algorithm change. Followers are no longer an issue. Your only focus is creating an amazing product and customer experience. Just add some pictures once and you are good to go.

You can build up a strong profile

It is easy to build a strong profile on Thumbtack. Once you set up your account fill out all the questions and add some photos you can start getting reviews for your clients who book on the platform. Thumbtack will prompt you to schedule an automatic message to those you book with you, asking for a review. Before getting orders on Thumbtack you can also send a link to past customers (or family) and ask them to leave you a review to give your account a little bump.

You can get large orders easily

I received my first wedding order on Thumbtack without having any photos of wedding cakes on my account. On Instagram, I would mostly get orders of things I have already made in the past.

While customers come to Thumbtack for all different size orders, a majority of them are for larger cake orders. I love that, I would rather make 1 $300 cake than 3 $100 cakes! But if you are scared of getting large cake orders you can always adjust that in the lead settings!

Thumbtack is by far the #1 place to get consistent cake orders in your home baking business without the constant work and effort of social media. It is an underrated platform! Check it out most of your “competition” are not on there. Where I live now there are about 2-3 others on the platform but I know there are so many more bakers. That is great for me because it limits the amount of competition and gets me in front of my ideal clients.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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