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Baking Business Bootcamp

This course goes over my exact baking business strategy and what skyrocketed my baking into a business.


Learn everything from my business setup, to what I swear by for landing wedding clients, to the exact formula for creating a smooth ordering process to ensure your clients come back for more. 

It's the exact course I wish I had when I started my business. A baking business is SO MUCH MORE THAN BAKING... this teaches you the super important business strategies that will give you the foundation for your business to earn money and make it a business that your clients want to constantly come back to.


From 0 sales to 5 booked dates in 2weeks.. that for me is awesome and I’m just starting, just by following a few tips from The Baking Business Fast Track. My biggest issue as an immigrant was getting new orders in a new country and a new city where nobody knows me..and now I know where to offer my cakes so customers can find me! Thank you so much for what you share on this program!


Kwincy has really made the process very easy to follow and understand how to make your business better! From looking in the mirror, practical business solutions and becoming a better version of yourself and your business! I am very impressed and cannot wait to implement each and every aspect of the program. Thank you Kwincy!

Lisa! Baking Business Bootcamper 

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