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Baking Business Bootcamp

This course goes over my exact baking business strategy and what skyrocketed my baking into a business.


Learn everything from my business setup, to what I swear by for landing wedding clients, to the exact formula for creating a smooth ordering process to ensure your clients come back for more. 

It's the exact course I wish I had when I started my business. A baking business is SO MUCH MORE THAN BAKING... this teaches you the super important business strategies that will give you the foundation for your business to earn money and make it a business that your clients want to constantly come back to.

I wanted to make sure that I allow everyone to get exactly what they need when they need it. I know that everyone is on a different path and at different stages of their journey so each topic is available to you a la carte!! You are able to choose the topic you need when you need it! 


From 0 sales to 5 booked dates in 2weeks.. that for me is awesome and I’m just starting, just by following a few tips from The Baking Business Fast Track. My biggest issue as an immigrant was getting new orders in a new country and a new city where nobody knows me..and now I know where to offer my cakes so customers can find me! Thank you so much for what you share on this program!


The a la carte classes include:

  • Brand creation 

  • Business mindset 

  • Name and logo creation 

  • Menu creation 

  • Master Pricing 

  • Wedding and large event orders

  • Where to get customers

  • Phone food photography 

  • Website & contact info creation 

  • Order taking processes

  • Time management 

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Having a strong mindset will make sure that when the time gets rough you are still going to be there striving towards your goal!!


We all eat with our eyes first make sure your delicious treats look as good as they taste!


Having a time management system allows you to avoid burnout and continue to enjoy following your passion!


Learn how to build a brand that attracts your desired clientele!


I walk you through exactly how to build a website just like this one with ease; allowing your customers to contact order and pay all in your website. 


This class helps you not just to price these orders but to create contracts and policies to save you the heart/headache as well. Everything you need to know to have a smooth wedding order!


Learn what to include in your menu and how to design it to be able to grow your business.


With this class we focus on having consistent orders proactively! Learn both IG & all of the other platforms I love & swear by to sell desserts. 


This class is made to help you price with confidence, knowing you are getting paid what you are worth. 


The bulk of your day-to-day work is going to be taking orders. This class walks you through how to take orders so that everything runs smoothly! No glitches!!

Want more personalized help?

I love getting to know bakers and their businesses! The best way for me to do this is with coaching calls! If you want more support sign up for group coaching calls! It allows me to get to know your business personally.


The best part of a group coaching call is getting to learn from the other bakers in the group as well. You can learn from their questions and their experiences. So many times in programs I sign up for I go to the calls with zero questions and end up learning so much just by hearing everyone else's situations and updating my coach on my progress! 

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