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Forget stressing every time you give the price and start pricing with confidence with

The Ultimate Baking Business Workbook 

Designed to help bakers: think like a boss, price with confidence, and master their time!

If you want to..

- have a CEO mindset 
- price with confidence 
- work with less stress and more organization

-make more money doing what you love 

But you don't want to...

- spend all your time researching 
- loose out of money pricing wrong 
- turn down orders because you don't have the time 

& you don't know how to

- uncover the beliefs that are holding you back

- price what you are worth 
- create time effective systems 

If this sounds familiar and all you want is a clear, proven process, tailored to your needs and specific situation without spending the days of research and learning from mistakes...

Then this is for you!


book mock ups .png

The Ultimate Baking Business Workbook 

What's in the workbook?

Think like a boss babe: 

Learn how to switch your mindset from a baker to a business owner 
- uncover your limiting beliefs of yourself and society 
- identify who you are working to become with ME 4.0 
-Become a goal getter and make those goals a reality 

Price with confidence: 

Learn my no-stress method to price with confidence every time 
- market research 
- create your own pricing guide fit for your business 

Master your time: 

Learn how to manage your time to increase your profits and decrease your stress 
- spread out your workload 
- schedule your time realistically 

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