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5 Must-Have Apps You Need For Your Home Baking Business!

Updated: Mar 5

When starting a home baking business it can be difficult to figure out what programs you need and which you can live without. I only like to use apps that are going to bring in more orders or make more time in my day. Here are 5 apps that I swear by in my home baking business.


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My absolute favorite place to get leads for my baking business. I highly encourage everyone with a service-based business to use Thumbtack. It is a lead-generating website that makes it way easier to get consistent orders.

You create your profile, add some photos of what you make, what kind of orders you want to take, how far you will travel etc. Then sit back and let the leads come in. I love that Thumbtack brings the customers to you.

I absolutely love that I don't need to be posting and “staying relevant”. Having customers come to you allows you spend more time doing what you love and less time thinking of reels and stories.

Yelp has always been my go to for any kind of service or business needs. Any time we visit a new city I always look on Yelp first to create a list of places to visit and restaurants we have to try!

Having your business on Yelp puts you in the eyes of the people that are searching for what you have to offer. I love that people are able to leave reviews. That is great of course to give a little proof and credibility but it is also helpful for you. When you are having a hard time or start to doubt yourself. You can look at your great reviews as a little motivation fuel.

Honeybook makes my life easier. I love that I can send wedding contracts, invoices and set up automatic payments all in one place. Honeybook also connects with my calendar so that I can see when payments are coming; as well as when I am booked. It helps me keep everything in one place and organized.

A must-have for any small business owner. Canva is great to create a beautiful logo, branded menus, and Instagram posts. If you don’t already have canva you need to download it. You can start with the free version.

Google voice allows you to create a phone number for your business so that clients can call and text you without giving out your personal number! Absolute must have! It is also great to have all of those messages in a separate app and not mixed in with your personal texts or in my case my messages with the Instacart shopper lol

So what do you think? Do you use any of these apps or have any other apps you want to recommend? Leave it in the comments

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