5 Baked Goods To Sell From Home!

Updated: Sep 15

Have you been thinking about starting a baking business but you are not sure what baked goods you should sell from home? You might be like me and love to make a huge variety of desserts. But which items should you actually sell in your business? Here is a list of the best baked goods to sell from home.

1. Cakes. This might be a little biased because I ended up focusing on custom cakes! But this was for a reason. The profit margins for cake are much higher. I can also charge 1,000 for one simple wedding cake! My average order for a cake is $350 in Southern California. It was much easier for me to create a cake for that amount than a large variety of desserts.

Cakes can range from small cakes for 4 people to large wedding cakes and everything in between! The great thing is that there is room for everyone at every talent level. I started with selling naked cakes (because I did not know how to make buttercream yet, I used no-bake cheesecake as the layers). From there I learned how to make decorated cakes, fondant cakes, sculpted cakes and wedding cakes!

2. Dipped Strawberries: They are getting more and more popular. Makers are creating dipped treats to look like characters and adding creative designs. They make great gift boxes for special occasions and holidays making them an easy sell.

The great thing about chocolate covered strawberries is that you don't actually have to bake anything... wait is that cheating to have them on this list? shh.. don't tell anyone!!!

These are perfect if you don't have a large kitchen space for multiple large cakes. They are a lot faster as well so it is much easier to pump out a large amount of strawberries!

Extra point. your ingredients list is much smaller!!

3. Sugar cookies: Sugar cookies can get very intricate!! Meaning their price can go up significantly! If you don’t have a steady hand give fondant a try! Perfect for everything from teacher appreciation to Bridesmaids boxes! Sugar cookies are a very profitable item to sell! They are an item that not everyone can do and not everyone can pick up easily. You can go to the grocery store for a birthday cake but you can not easily go pick up themed decorated sugar cookies!!