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Must Have Items to Sell Cakes From Home

When starting a home baking business it is hard to know what all you will need! It is easy to get excited and buy all the cute and trendy supplies. Here is a list of items you need to start selling cakes from home.


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Sell cakes from home: Bootstrap it!

I am a huge advocate for bootstrapping a business. I never recommend for anyone to spend a huge amount of money on starting a new business venture. The same thing goes for a baker who wants to sell cakes from home.

  1. It is expensive and it is easy to get in the red

  2. You might not even need the things you end up buying

  3. You could change your mind !!!

What I recommend is buying just what you need to make your samples. Then once you get orders use the deposit money to buy what you need to complete that order.

For example:

  • Someone requested a mermaid cake and I didn't have a mermaid tail mold. I took the order and purchased the mold.

  • Someone requested a cake with an edible image. I used the income from the order to purchase an edible printer knowing I would use it in the future

OK I know I know. I just said don't spend a lot of money. But this is very important for your business. Your most used piece of equipment!

When selling cakes from home you are going to need a good mixer. And I recommend getting a good one that is going to last and not give out on you mid cake.

Kitchenaid has a great warranty program so even if something does happen you can have it replaced easily.

Don't skimp on the mixer!

I use these pans and love them I now have A LOT more than 4 pans now but this was a great bundle to start with. The most used when first getting started was the 6 and 8 inch pans.


sell cakes from home

Having a kit like this is perfect! Before I even started selling cakes from home my sister gave me a set like this a gift!

I still use all of the things from that gift today.

I still use Wilton cake boxes to this day! They are affordable and I can customize the height by adding stock paper.

It is also great because they come in packs 9 so you aren't married to them if you don't end up liking them.

I have looked into other boxes and whenever I compare them to the price of these it doesn't feel worth it for my business.

Most of the time when selling cakes from home they are for events and celebrations. They are not like other treats that might be given as a gift box.

The point is that the boxes will be thrown away asap. So when deciding on if I wanted to get fancier boxes I had to think does my customer want to pay an extra $3 for something they are going to throw away? I don't think so.

To add branding onto these boxes I create designs on Canva and print them on stickers at Staples. There are some sticker options that are cheaper per sticker however; they require you to buy a lot more at one time. In this case buying a small amount is helpful for your business to make sure that you really like them and they fit your needs. Once you go through a batch then feel free to buy in a larger quantity.

So those are the things every baker needs to start selling cakes from home! Start here and allow your supply list to grow as your business does! If you need more help getting started with your home baking business make sure to check out this blog post next.

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