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Packaging for Cupcakes in your Home Baking Business

When selling cupcakes from home it can be hard to finalize the packaging you want to use for your business. You want something that is professional yet doesn't break the bank! Here are some tips for how to choose your packaging for cupcakes as well as a few suggestions.


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How to choose packaging when selling cupcakes:

Branding of your home baking business:

This is something that is easy to get caught up on. If you haven't read my post on branding you should absolutely pause and check that out first.

Now that you are all caught up on how to create a strong brand identity let's see how we can translate that into our packaging.

It is easy to want to go all out with our packaging. I know I did. I wanted supper luxury beautiful boxes, like all of the ones I have seen on Pinterest. Then when looking at the prices they were well above what I was willing to pay. The only way to have the price lower was to buy an insane amount of boxes.

Which would mean I would be married to those boxes. If I change my mind and they are terrible that's money lost! If I decided to not bake that item anymore, money lost.

The best way to include your brand in your packaging when you first start out is with simply the color of your packaging and stickers!!

I highly recommend using stickers because you might change your packaging or even what you want to sell later on BUT you can always add a sticker on! You can add fully customizable branding at a reasonable price. I use Vista Print for my stickers and labels. They are amazing quality at such a great price point.


When starting your home baking business it is important to keep the costs down.

Think about it this way. If your packaging is $5 each that means that either you are paying for it (it is cutting into your profit) or your customer is paying for it (it is built into your cost). If it feels worth it on either end go for it! But if not then go with a cheaper option. remember you can still make it beautiful with your label.


Lastly, your packaging needs to be durable!! Customers are not going to be as gentle as you are with your cupcakes. I have used a cupcake box that was not as durable and the cupcakes easily moved around in the box and ruined the beautiful hand-piped flowers on top.

Having packaging that isn't durable will lead to a bad customer experience! Which means a bad brand reputation and less income.

Now here are some recommendations for packaging your cupcakes in your own home baking business:

These are great because there is space for you to actually grab the cupcakes. I HATE when boxes are fully raised and you don't have space to grab them and easily take them out.

These have amazing reviews! If your branding is very natural, rustic or "Organic Olivia" style than these boxes would be perfect!

These black boxes are beautiful! They are only for 6 cupcakes but they have such a luxury feel. Even better they come in around the dollar mark.

I use these boxes in my baking business. I love that they are stackable! That makes it so much easier to deliver multiple boxes for weddings.

They also have deep domes which allows for you to have room for all your decorations on top!

Perfect for individual specialty cupcakes!

I use these wrappers as well, I love that they are foil. They always end up looking beautiful. Paper liners always end up being greasy and changing color. Not cute!

Choosing the right cupcake packaging for your home baking business is an important aspect of your overall brand image and customer satisfaction. With so many options available, it's important to consider your unique needs and the preferences of your customers.

Your packaging should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and consistent with your brand identity. By putting thought and effort into your cupcake packaging, you can elevate your homemade treats and create a memorable experience for your customers. So, don't overlook this small but significant detail in your home baking business, and let your packaging reflect the quality of your delicious cupcakes.

For more tips on how to start and grow your home baking business make sure to subscribe to my blog.

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