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Profitable Bakery Items for the Holiday Season!

If you are thinking about selling treats from home there is no better time than the holiday season! Sugar and sweets are synonymous with Winter. If you're struggling with what to sell here are a few items that will be a huge hit this Christmas season.


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There is no secret that macarons are amazing! They are absolutely delicious and the flavors are endless. Macarons are known for being difficult to make but if you can master them you can find big bucks in a box of macs! A simple macaron starts around $2 each and the cost of making one macaron is pennies!!!

Now imagine if you could add specialty holiday flavors, custom holiday art on the shells, or make big decorative macarons you could charge even more. Macarons are a highly sought-after skill and if you are a master you can make a big profit this holiday season.

Cake Pops:

My kids, like most kids, are obsessed with cake pops. I can not go through the Starbucks drive-through without buying cake pops. But I have always wanted to get some decorative character or themed cake pops for my kids. Just like macarons you can sell cake pops for a bare min of $2 a cake pop. Add extra decor and holiday flavors and you're golden.


Cupcakes are great because you have a little more room for decoration. You have a canvas to create custom holiday cupcakes that easily bring the Christmas spirit and a little cash in your pocket!

Sugar cookies:

Now these have become very very popular. It takes plenty of skill and your creativity is endless when it comes to sugar cookies. Most people do not know how or are able to decorate sugar cookies, If you have that skill you can offer custom or pre-designed Christmas cookies.

Cookie decorating kits:

This is a Christmas tradition of my family! We always have a cookie decorating party. Last year I sold cookie decorating kits. They included 12 sugar cookies, 3 different colors or royal icing, and a bag of sprinkles. I sold these boxes for $25 each. The best thing is all you have to do is bake the cookies and make the icing!! Put it in some cute packing and your set!! The client does the rest!

Assorted Cookie Boxes:

This will always be a holiday classic! Assorted cookie boxes are great because they are easy to make in bulk. They also have very little decorating so the amount of time it will take is a lot less than sugar cookies. These are great for people to buy as gifts. Make sure to market to small businesses who are looking for client appreciation gifts.

If you are planning on selling baked goods this holiday season check out my free order sheet download!

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