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Bootcamper Spotlight! Brittney Alexander

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

I love getting to know my boot campers. Everyone is so different and I truly love being able to grow a personal relationship with each one. Brittney has BIG PLANS and it's been a huge pleasure getting to know her these past few months. Here is a recap of her experience with me in the Baking Business Bootcamp.

Meet Brittney

Follow her on Instagram @_sweetintentionsbakery

Why did you choose this program?

Brittney said she wanted to grow but just didn't know where to start. She knew she wanted her business to be more than what it is today and that's why she decided to take a chance.

When we want to grow a business, lose weight, or learn a new skill we have to be willing to do just that, take a chance to do something new. To get to the next level faster we have to be able to be open to learning from others. We grow so much faster when we lift each other up. Investing in a mentor is so valuable because you just don't know what you don't know! I want to help bakers get to their goals without the struggle of learning all on their own like I did.

What is one thing you enjoyed the most from the program?

I always say that nothing in life is a failure because you learn from everything you do and take pieces along with you for the future. I went to college for elementary teaching. Although I did not become a teacher, I took from that the importance of relating to different learning styles. I want the material I teach to stick! To make sure that happens I try and make sure that I have the information presented in a variety of formats.

And the best part about a coaching program is that if it's not sticking we can work through it together in our 1-1s and group chat and I can explain it all further.

What made you stick through to the end?

With anything you do, the only time you can succeed is if you stick with it. Anything worth doing takes persistence. When you don't have someone in your corner to cheer you on and hold you accountable it can be easy to give up.

I am proud of Brittney for sticking through. Like she said she was facing some health problems, but instead of using health as an excuse for why she can't, she used it as an opportunity to focus on the future. She used that downtime to learn how to grow her business and expand her business to be able to accommodate her health. She was able to view her struggle through a different lens when many people might have given up.

Who would you recommend this program to?

Girl is she right! This program is for everyone. The best part for me and the growth of my clients is that it is so personalized. Yes, everyone watches the same videos and receives the same materials and templates but all of those things can be molded to fit each individual business.

I love having 1-1 calls because I am able to get to know each business owner on a more personal level and we are able to work on goals that are not specifically addressed in the courses.

If you are like Brittney and you want to grow your business but you just are not sure where to start I encourage you to book a call with me. It is super relaxed, we just chat about your business and your goals and see how I can help you get there.

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