Policies to Enforce in Your Home Baking Business

Having your policies and disclaimers set in your home baking business is so important. It is something I wish I would have known in the beginning. Unfortunately, I didn’t. Many of the policies I have created have been created because of situations I have been in. My hope is that you can start implementing these policies before you are faced with a tough situation!

Disclaimer (wink wink)

*I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice. This is merely a starting point. It is always a great idea to have a lawyer look over any legal documents.


Contract vs Policies

Contracts are written agreements that are signed by both parties and include all of the terms agreed upon for a specific project.

Policies are stated for the business as a whole and are not on a per-project basis and are nor are they explicitly agreed upon.

I personally only create contracts for big event projects. All other orders are encouraged to look at my policies and disclaimers. It is my responsibility to point them to the information and their’s to review it.

For example:

A store by the beach has a no shoes no service policy. When you walk into the store they do not have an agreement that you need to sign to shop there. It is more of a general understanding that if you are shopping there you need to follow the policies set out.


Policies vs Disclaimers

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