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How to stand out as a home baking business

What to do when you feel like there is too much competition

When thinking about starting a home baking business it can be discouraging to see all the other bakers doing the same thing you want to do, and maybe even doing it better. One question I have received multiple times is “How do I stand out there is so much competition in my area?”

Let’s go ahead and break these myths. Because no there is not too much competition and you absolutely can stand out even if you don’t have more experience.

There is too much competition for my home baking business!

Lies!!! There is not too much competition in your area. Competition is something we create in our minds. No one is pinning us against each other but ourselves. Most of the time this competition comes in the form of comparing ourselves against other on social media.

But in reality, there is no competition, and here is why:

No one is like you.

There could be 20 other cake bakers in the area but no one is just like you. If you asked 20 bakers to make the same exact cake you are going to get 20 different cakes.

Everyone has a different style. Everyone has a different personality and characteristics that make them unique. Being you is what makes you stand out!

There is more than enough work to go around!!

When you start to think about it there are so many opportunities out there. How many weddings are happening each month, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, pregnancies, holidays the list goes on? There are so many reasons to celebrate each and every day.

Meaning there are so many reasons for someone to need what you have to offer each and every day. There is more than enough to go around.

Your customer is not their customer

If you read How to create a strong brand image in your home baking business you know how to attract the right customer base for YOU. There are going to be people who are drawn to your business whether that is for your style, personality, flavor profiles, or even just your price. That person might not be drawn to your “competition” for those same reasons.

There have been plenty of times when people have said sorry that price is too high for me. I quickly break down the price for them so that they can understand where the charges are coming from and give them some advice on where they can find someone who might be able to do it cheaper.

I have ZERO problem pointing people in another direction. It provides great customer service which is my number one priority. I want to make sure everyone who comes in contact with me is happy whether they purchase from me or not.

While they might not have booked with me I know that I stuck to my prices because giving a discount will not lead to me enjoying my work. And I am confident that MY CUSTOMERS are out there and they will find me.

You cant get orders from everyone. I could bet that Lamborgini makes ZERO dollars off of stay-at-home moms and they are doing just fine.

They are marketing toward this guy!

Confident people see others as inspiration and not intimidation

Other bakers should not intimidate you or make you feel less than. Use other bakers as inspiration, not intimidation. Be confident in knowing who you are, knowing there is no one like you, there is room for everyone and have faith that you will only get better from here. Your only competition is yourself.

How can I stand out as a home baking business?

Create a strong brand image

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to create a strong brand image. Now I could go on and on about that and I have right here.

There are so many benefits to having a strong brand image in your business it is a must.

Stay true to yourself and style

Stay in yo lane haha No but seriously! Stick to your strength, to your style, to what you like to do. You are your biggest superpower. Use it!

Multiple baskets

Don’t rely on one platform to bring you all your sales. **Cough cough Instagram** Social media accounts can be hacked, the platform could shut down for a day and could just die out forever. Have your business on multiple sales platforms to ensure you are getting more eyes on your business from people who are ready to order from you.

Now you know that competition is all in your head. Whenever you start placing other people in competition with yourself remind yourself that there is no one like you and there is room for everyone. You will only get better from here.

Stay focused on your business, creating it stronger than ever to stand out from the crowd. If you have a question about starting a home baking business please be sure to leave it in the comments section and subscribe to my email list for all the latest blog posts.

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