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How to have a business mindset in a home baking business

Now you might be thinking what does all this business mindset mumbo jumbo have to do with my home baking business? To have a successful baking business you need to step into your role as a business owner.

You are no longer just a baker. Having the right mindset is crucial to having a successful business. Even with the best education and all the right tools if you don’t have the right mindset you have nothing!


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So let’s create a strong foundation for our business by making sure we have a business mindset that sets us up for success.

Want to get started on your home baking business?

Just like Rich Dad Poor Dad says the thing that holds us back the most is a degree of self-doubt. Not technical knowledge but self-doubt.

In order for us to achieve our goals we first have to believe that they are possible.

Our minds will never allow ourselves to go for something if we think it won't work in the end. Our subconscious wants to avoid failure! So even if you think you are “trying” but have some self-doubt that it won't work you aren’t going to give it your all and will never be able to see the results that are a possibility for you.

You are never going to go for something you think is impossible. So first you have to believe that it is possible for you.

Switch from thinking it is a dream to it is your future!

Write it out, make a Pinterest board whatever is your style but imagine your life where that dream has been accomplished. In as much detail as possible. The more detail the easier it is to feel that it is possible.

  • What do you do in your free time?

  • What does an average day look like for you?

  • Where do you live?

  • Where do you go on vacation?

  • Do you have a big team and location?

Stick to it!

I said earlier if you don’t truly believe you can do it you won’t give it your all. Not only will you not give it your all but you will also look for reasons why it won’t work.

For example, Negative Nancy starts a business. She starts off super motivated, looks at the success stories of others, has huge goals for where she will end up, and imagines herself in her amazingly successful business.

She starts getting some traction and is so excited! Her fire starts to die down and doesn’t try to grow her knowledge and puts less effort into her business. When her business slowed down so did she.

So what does she do? She gives up and thinks “See I know this wouldn’t work for me.” She starts to point toward outside reasons for why it didn’t work.

  • Too much competition

  • My family doesn’t support me

  • I don’t have enough time

  • I have too many kids for this to work

  • I am too old

  • I am too young

She thinks of all of these excuses for why it is not possible for her instead of taking any personal responsibility for the business. She can not see that all things take consistency and if she would have kept nourishing your business she would have seen the fruits of her labor.

Being an entrepreneur is not automatic satisfaction.

It takes time to build and see real results, but so many quit before they get to see that. Trust me I have been there myself. I have started so many businesses just to quit before I could get any real results. In reality, I could have been successful with any of those businesses if I would have given it my all and not given up.

Now on the other hand Positive Perla, does things a different way.

When things start to slow down in her business she doesn’t slow down. She speeds up, pivots, and keeps learning to make sure fixes the holes in her business. She is determined to make it work.

The difference here is Positive Perla had the belief system to push her forward when things got rough. When we are not instantly rewarded it is up to our internal beliefs to either keep us going or tell us to call it quiet.

We have to make sure our belief system tells us that we are capable.

The best way to do this is to focus on your strengths and your doubts.

Write down all of the great things about yourself. Your skills and talents. The gifts God has given you.

Now write down the negative thoughts about yourself too. And start to break them down.

  • Where did this thought come from?

  • Why do I think this is true?

  • Is this thought from God?

  • When have I proven this thought false?

For example one of my thoughts used to be:

I am too young no one will take me seriously.

Where did it come from:

Being the youngest of friends.

Is this thought from God?:

No, God calls us to be lions and not sheep. He gives me authority and calls me to be brave with my voice.

When have I proven this to be false:

Even at a young age, I was in multiple leadership positions. In sports teams, volunteer positions and my job. So no it is not true!

New belief:

I am able to be a leader at any age. My voice is important.

Now write your personal summary and keep it somewhere that you can reference it always. Your summary should include your special gifts, your newfound beliefs of yourself, and, the mark you want to leave on the world.

Here is mine:

Kwincy is an amazing woman. She is strong and smart. She is creative and finds ways to figure out any problem. When she doesn’t know something she finds a way to learn it and makes it happen.

She is kind and loves to help others. She takes great pride and value in the work she does. Everything she does is important and helps to change people's lives and brings people closer to God.

She is a great mother, businesswoman, wife, and mentor!

She is highly valuable, important, and inspirational!

When the going gets tough pull this out and read it to yourself. Remind yourself of who you are and who you are becoming to be able to keep the fire and momentum going. The only way we can fail is if we give up.

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