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How to keep track of orders in your home baking business

Once your home baking business starts to pick up it is easy to get lost in orders. Trust me the worst thing happened to me the first month I started my business. I got a text on Thanksgiving day while at a family member's house where a client was telling me they were outside of my house waiting for an order. An order that I did not make!!! So bad!!!

I was getting so many orders coming in from everywhere and I didn’t have a good way to keep track of them yet. Thank God I found a way that works for me so that I never forget an order again. I am sure this way will help you keep track of orders in your home baking business as well.

How to keep track of orders in your home baking business?

HoneyBook does a lot of the heavy lifting for me. It makes it so much easier to keep track of my orders and keep everything together.

Why Honeybook is perfect for your home baking business?

Send out contracts:

On Honeybook you can create contract templates like the one I have here to send out to your big orders. You could also send out a document with your invoice that just has your disclaimers to make sure your customers are well-educated on what they are buying and how to take care of it.

It is great because clients can fill in the contract with information that changes from project to project such as the location or contact info.

And of course, you both can sign the document

Send out invoices and get payments

I find this extremely helpful!!! Before Honeybook I was taking payments from all over the place. Now I only take payments only through Honeybook. Making it easy to see how much money I am making.

Honeybook makes it easy because you can send an invoice with one payment or a payment schedule. The client can then pay their invoice manually or have it on an automatic withdrawal.

Honeybook automates this by sending out reminders and missed payment emails on your behalf. Saving you the headache. You will also get notifications when payments have been missed. When you have multiple payment schedules going on at the same time it can be hard to keep up with but Honeybook makes it easy.

Link to your calendar

I need my orders to be in multiple places for me to be at peace! On Honeybook when you create a project it automatically schedules it into your calendar on Honeybook and links to your calendar on your phone making it easy to check your schedule at any time. (Also amazing, it shows your paydays on the calendar as well !)

Sends notifications when it is a week out

Honeybook reminds you when projects are coming up to keep you updated so that you never forget a project.


The app makes it so easy to send invoices and contracts on the go as well as deposit to your account.


There is a section in Honeybook for bookkeeping that allows you to input your expenses and calculates your profit loss for you!


Another bookkeeping bonus! Honeybook is able to connect with Quickbooks which will automatically categorize charges from your business bank account.

Print out order forms and put them in a binder

The best way to keep your orders organized in a physical form is to print them out and put them in a binder. Old school? I don’t care, it works!

I print out the order forms that I have available here for free. As I get orders I put them in order of when they are due in my binder.

I then print out the calendar that is in my planner and fill in the due dates of the orders for that month.

Having everything printed out makes it easy for me to visually see what I need to do. I am a crossing-off kind of girl so I love to have the order forms printed to be able to cross things off as I go.

Keeping your orders organized in your home baking business is so important. Having systems like Honeybook and a physical order binder is so helpful to ensure you never forget an order! Let me know if you try it out and what you think!

Happy Baking!

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